While the OpenQuant system is well suited for research, testing and optimization, many of its built-in functions are not necessary for production.

QuantTrader is a lightweight version of the OpenQuant designed specifically as a production deployment engine. It has the same paper and live trading capabilities, including portfolio and strategy monitoring, but does not offer the simulation mode or ability to change the code (strategy parameters can still be changed).

Once the strategy is defined and optimized in the OpenQuant integrated development environment, it can be compiled and exported into a package together with its relevant settings. This package can then be imported into QuantTrader and run in various production environments: from trading server, in co-location, etc.

Being lightweight, QuantTrader is also more robust and suitable for automated trading. The strategy source code is invisible, allowing for more secure deployment in shared environments such as co-location, or other situations where confidentiality is required.

Importantly, QuantTrader is also less expensive, which is particularly relevant when deploying potentially many different strategies produced by the same researchers.

QuantTrader Demo Download

Download 30 day evaluation version of QuantTrader.

QuantTrader Video Tutorials

Please note that video tutorials demonstrate basic QuantTrader functionalities and have no sound.

Video 1 - This video demonstrates how to export a strategy from OpenQuant

Video 2 - This video demonstrates how to import a strategy package to QuantTrader