Anton Fokin initially developed the predecessor of the SmartQuant framework in 1998 as an open-source project based on the adaptation of complex data-processing frameworks originally developed by the author for nuclear physics research projects.

He then licensed it to Fortis Bank in 2000, and led its adaptation as an internal project for portfolio optimization and statistical arbitrage.

Anton left Fortis and founded SmartQuant in 2003 as an independent firm that developed a fully-fledged trading platform solution built on the latest MS C# and .NET technology.

In 2007, SmartQuant technology has been licensed for exclusive distribution on the institutional client market by QuantHouse S.A., a leading French financial software firm. Among the clients that licensed the QuantFACTORY product and its components: Societe Generale AssetManagement, QIM, Fysics Capital, Global Capital, and others

SmartQuant Ltd. continued to develop its framework and new products and focused on sales to retail investors, growing to several thousand installations worldwide, and creating a devoted following and user ecosystem among quant developers/traders using its products.

The QuantHouse exclusive license ended in early 2012, when QuantHouse was acquired by Standard & Poors CapitalIQ subsidiary. SmartQuant retained its IP and full rights.

SmartQuant has subsequently formed a partnership with Arthur M. Berd (General Quantitative LLC) to co-develop portfolio management libraries and strategies and to reenter the institutional investor market with a suite of new professional products.