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Improve Navigation in Data Table/Charts
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Author:  PBJ [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  Improve Navigation in Data Table/Charts


Navigating in tick data (quotes or trades) is not easy when you have dozens of millions of them for 1 instrument. And you get to that point pretty quickly in FX.
One useful tool is the "Go to" date/time dialog.

1- Could you please add a "Now" button in this dialog that would set the datetime control value to DateTime.Now? It currently displays the first date/time available... which is pretty useless when you have a lot of data. Otherwise, each time you navigate, you have to re-enter the whole date/time. Users often check the most recent data.

2- In the same dialog, could you please by default fill the datetime control with the currently selected tick datetime? Users move little from the current position once it's reached.

3- Could you please add a "Go to" dialog for charts?

4- Could you please add a tick chart for quotes (bid/ask)?

5- Does anyone else have an issue displaying the quotes chart in the Quote Monitor when double clicking on an instrument? Mine just changes the scale but there's no bid/ask line drawn anymore.

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