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Data flow just stops
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Author:  eelofi [ Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Data flow just stops


has anybody else ran into the situation, that data for symbols which you have had receiving data just fine in the quote monitor just stops?

Yesterday I had three symbols in the quote monitor. These had been receiving data just fine from IB TWS since Wed last week, when the fixed IB.dll was released. Two of these symbols just froze all of the sudden and remained frozen for at least 12hrs, the third one was working just fine all a long. I had this phenomen with OQ2012, but now I'm worried that the same thing continues with OQ2013 as well.

Yesterday I did the usual things, reconnected TWS, restarted TWS, restarted OQ, none of these resulted in the data flow. Then when I set the logging on in OQ and restarted TWS to get a fresh log, then all of the sudden the data flow continued.

And now exactly the same situation again today. All of the symbols have stopped. I stop the IB connection and restart it and one resumes data flow, but two remain silent even though I see the quotes changing in TWS.

So how to ensure that the OQ really receives data? It's a deadly serious situation if a position in open and OQ doesn't receive data and the price moves.


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