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A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market - For friends/family
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Author:  Acumen [ Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market - For friends/family

Just finishing a book I rather enjoyed.

"A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market" by John Paulos

I would say it is the best choice of books I've come across so far to recommend for friends and family to read if they want to see some of the complexities of the stock market. It is basically a sort collection of interesting, funny, and insightful anecdotes. The concepts have just the right amount of complexity and are nearly all written in layman's terms (Although a calculous class and college vocabulary will help some).

If haven't worked in the industry, it would probably be a good read for you as well. Lots of the "scams" everyone knows about and therefore don't talk about are explained. It shows some economic mathematical oddities, but don't expect to find any math to plug into OQ. For us, its a quick, enjoyable read. Plus the price is right at under $15.

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